Using Bra Straps to Accessorize Your Plain Black Dress

Dress-Up Your Plain Black Dress from the Inside Out

During the 1920’s people were living gay lives; the flapper era was upon them. Booze flowed despite prohibition, dress hems moved upward, and Jazz music rang out in harmony with the church bells. As money tightened up between 1925 and 1930, a plain black dress hit the fashion scene. The plain black dress was advertised as a good investment to make. Just buy one garment to wear to all occasions, and that would save you money.

plain black dress

plain black dress

How to accessorize your plain black dress today:

As the flapper-era entered the Great Depression, women clung to their plain black dress while other items were lost. This simple garment could be made pretty with ribbons, solemn with lace, stylish with belt, snobbish with fur, or just left alone for that goin’ to meeting look. Over the last 80+ years the plain black dress has been decorated in every way imaginable… except one.

Today, we decorate our plain black dress by showing some pretty little frills peeking out from underneath the solid black foreground. Designers have dreamed outside of the normal plain little dress box to create a stunning line of interchangeable bra strap attachments and bra style dress pins that once again make the plain black dress appropriate for any occasion – in 2000’s style.

The female shoulders area is beautiful at all ages, in all shapes, and in all sizes. When you use interchangeable designer bra straps this acts to pull a viewers eyes up toward this neckline area of the body with twinkling rhinestones, classy pearls, or even a clear strap that leaves the eye wondering just how you look so body-perfect from the neck down. Creating your accents around the neck and shoulder area aides that slimming look that we all try to achieve with our fashion choices.

Decorating Bra Straps

To start decorating with interchangeable bra straps, take a look at your favorite bra. See how the strap is attached by a hook through a loop? This means that the bra straps can come off and be replaced with many different kinds of prettier holders that you can show off to the public with a plain black dress that has either spaghetti straps, or a strapless top.

You can buy pretty bra straps and accessories inexpensively offline at Wal-Mart or from online fashion dealers selling through eStores, small auction sites, and large marketplaces like eBay. Example prices from a typical online store include:

Rhinestone Bra Straps 10.99. Glittery Gold Moon & Stars 6.38. Pearls 17.57. Black w/ real Diamond Heart 14.66. Butterflies (with fancy beadwork) 18.36. Diamond Bra Straps Pins: Bows w/ Dangles 15.06. Crystal Bra Straps (various shapes and colors) 25.00 to 35.00. Dainty Hand-Beaded 11.87. Glow-In-Dark Stars Bra Straps 11.87. Glittery Neon Bra Straps 7.37. And more.

Click here to visit 8 Track Store Lingerie Department to view the above examples, or type the words Bra Straps into your computer search engine to find lots of ideas on what is available to accessorize your plain black dress from the inside out this year.

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