Running Dresses: Friend and Foe to the Average Woman

Workout dresses and skirts are becoming a more popular option for females all over the world since they provide the opportunity to still look cute and amazing even while running five miles. We no longer have to go to the gym in grey, cotton shorts that make us feel lumpy and unattractive, and instead we can now don skirts and dresses in a variety of lengths, colors and options.

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Get the Right Workout Outfit For Yourself

After searching for a workout outfit that I could wear in the summer heat without just running in my sports bra I decided to try purchasing one of these running dresses. A good running dress will typically cost more than $50.00, which is far above my clothing budget for just one dress, but after looking through stores in my area and online, I found a clearance dress through SkirtsSports.com called the Summer Dress for just about $20.00. The Summer Dress is available in bright pink and is made of a light-weight fabric that helps wick the sweat and moisture away from your body to keep you cool. According to the description on the website, this running dress comes with a shelf-bra built in that can comfortably support a size A/B breast size, and adjusts your attitude by putting “a spring in your stride”.

Running Dress That Fit Me Well

I received my running dress just three days after ordering it and was thoroughly excited to try it on and get running. The color was exactly as it was described and the fabric and spaghetti straps were perfect for running in hot weather. Unfortunately, from the moment I put the running dress on I realized that I should have ordered a size higher than the website stated on their size chart. While the fabric is very light weight, it is akin to spandex and clung to me in such a way that lumps seemed to appear on my body where I was sure none had been before!

I’ve had my running dress for two months now and still haven’t gotten the courage to wear it outside of the house. In the meantime, while I work to firm up my body, I’ve purchased a simple black workout skirt from Target that I can wear a t-shirt with. The running dress is a wonderful idea and truly perfect for working out indoors or outdoors providing you are a courageous person who doesn’t mind looking lumpy in front of others. For those considering purchasing a running dress, I still recommend it, just remember that it will draw attention to yourself and consider ordering a size larger than what you normally wear if you’d like your running dress to be looser on your body.

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