Justin Bieber Gets A Haircut…Everybody Goes Crazy!

As you probably know, the internet (and basically the entire world) is obsessed with Justin Bieber. Forget about world affairs, if there’s the tiniest of the tidbit of information relating to Justin Bieber, the audience has your complete and undivided attention. It seems as though a Bieber related craze happened today (and is currently happening as we speak)…

bieber haircut 2011

bieber haircut 2011

That’s right, Justin Bieber cut his hair and now the internet is going crazy. People love knowing what their favorite celebrities are doing style wise and Bieber is no different. Well, he might be different in that he is the exception. He’s the exception that has everybody going crazy!

Bieber’s haircut is so crazy that the topic is one of the hottest searches on Google. Not one, but two searches related to his haircut are the most searched terms on Google right this minute! You gotta give him credit for that one.

Where does the Bieber haircut craze begin? Apparently, Justin tweeted some tweets hinting at getting a haircut and then finally spilled the beans about the haircut being real. Whew! Talk about some juicy internet drama.

Right now, there are actual pictures of Justin’s new haircut (see one of them above) and the proof is out there for all Bieber adoring teens to see. That brings up a good point, how will all the teenage fanatics take this? Hopefully well. Anyhow, Bieber’s the current celebrity buzz online right now, in fact he is the internet right now, and he’s got all his raving fans amidst a cloud of fashion confusion. Seriously, there are thousands upon thousands of Bieber lovers and haters alike debating whether or not his current hair style suits him (and of course creating tons of lovely comparisons)…

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