How to Look Great for Interviews

For women interviews and clothes can be two things that just don’t work well together. It can be hard to know exactly what to wear when you’re a woman. For men, it’s quite simple – a suit and tie fits the bill in most cases. For women there are all sorts of choices on offer – so what should you wear to an interview?


The first thing to do is to research what you should wear by looking up the business online. Find out about your prospective employer by doing a little checking around. In this day and age most businesses accept smart casual and are a little more flexible about dress codes, however it is best to check this out first.



Looking smart hangs on the basics you choose and then you can add the extras around this. One of the strongest items to purchase is a good fitting pair of black trousers. Boot cut trousers are usually the best shape as they complement most body shapes and work well with most other items of clothing. A shirt offers you a simple and also a very suitable addition. Team it up with a smart scarf and you have a look that threads the fine line suitable for most interviews.

White Shirt

One of the most overlooked items in any work wardrobe is the simple white shirt. Though many deem it as boring, it most certainly isn’t and can be one of your most versatile friends. Choose a 3.4 length sleeve or one with frills for something a little different. Of course, there is an array of options to pick from, so choose what you feel best suits your body shape.


Of course, if you want to go a step further into smart a suit can be a great investment. Investment is important as you want a suit to last the test of time and look good for several years. Good wools are the best materials for work as they allow breathability and also are soft and comfortable.

Colours such as black, midnight blue, navy and grey all work well and are more than suitable for most interviews and workplaces. You can always opt for a skirt instead of trousers too and a pencil skirt always looks smart and will suit most body shapes.


A smart tote bag works well with most work outfits and is more modern and suitable than a briefcase in today’s work environment. Kitten heels or ballet flats work well and are an office staple for most. Boots also look good with a longer dress that falls below the bottom half of the leg. Of course, don’t wear anything shorter to an interview.

Our tips should ensure that you look your best for your interview and create the right impression to get the job.

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