How to Dress for a Job Interview

The job interview is upon you. You’ve spent a lifetime preparing for this moment. A lifetime worth of education is under your belt and you’ve spent the last several weeks sending out resumes where, most of which, have gone unanswered. Now, you got a call from a company wanting to do an interview and you just spent five hours preparing for it. You know the company inside and out and your answers are polished. Don’t blow everything you’ve done up until now by not dressing properly! The first impression the employer will get is from the clothes you’re wearing and how neatly you’re groomed.

dress for job interview

dress for job interview

When you’re going for an interview, keep in mind that you’re marketing yourself as a product. Needless to say, you want to have the best image possible just as a product on the shelves does. Before you go out and spend money on a new outfit, do a little research first. Use the following guidelines to help determine whether or not your attire is fitting for the interview:

Overdress. Never underdress.

No matter what type of job interview you’re going on you’ll want to look professional. Even though fields like IT have a more casual dress code, keep in mind that you’re only as professional as the clothes on your body. A conservative attire may kill your chances at the job the moment you walk through the door. While many work environments have shifted to a casual attire, the suit is still interview attire.

Dress smart.

Like most new college graduates, I was on a very tight budget and could only afford to buy one suit. Don’t feel the need to buy several suits for interviews at one company. They don’t expect for you to be rich, just professional. In many instances, you can keep the same suit but mix up your shoes, shirt, tie, belt, and other accessories. The same goes for women. If a woman buys a nice black pantsuit, but by simply changing out the shirt and jewelry it appears to be a new outfit. Save yourself the money by coordinating your suit with different clothes.

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