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It’s time to criticize fashion. I’m a country girl so when I see country music singers in jeans and a designer shirt maybe with a strand of pearls and high heels to top off the ensemble, I am completely okay with that. You haven’t seen a fashion show until you have been to a Reba McEntire concert. My that woman can dress! And FAST.

Country Star

Country Star

I don’t know about this new clothing style of the up and coming country musicians. The girls look like they should be in a rock and roll concert or at the very least going to bed. The guys at the very least need to think about combing their hair and either washing their faces or shave. If you are wondering what I am referring to you need to look at the photos at Country Stars Shine at the CMA Music Fest.

Carrie Underwood was at least covered up. The colors were pretty on her. She had on a sleeveless collared orange ruffled top with khaki colored shimmering shorts to match the shimmer in her blouse. Wouldn’t pair these two materials together in those colors unless I was making a clown outfit. She did look comfortable though.

The guys had the country look, a pair of blue jeans and t-shirts or collared shirts varied. Keith Urban could have use a shave, but he probably isn’t sleeping much with Nicole Kidman due this summer. Billy Ray Cyrus seemed to have a shadow on his face as well. He dressed great though. Members of Rascal Flats will never be fashion icons unless you are from the country! Trace Adkins wore his jeans, t-shirt and cowboy hat.

CMA music fest

Jewel looked as if she was going to bed or getting up except she had make up on her face. She wore a very short, long sleeved bright yellow frock.

Faith Hill looked superb in blue jeans and a vested top. She looked like a Country Star.

Sugarland was delightfully dressed in jeans, and satin looking tank top or a t-shirt with blue jean vest and cowboy hat. Can’t get more country than that.

Taylor Swift was delightfully decorative with a glittery dress to match her glittering guitar.

Kelli Pickler certainly knew how to dress the part. She wore a yellow spaghetti strap top with jeans.

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