Bustiers As Outerwear

A bustier is a piece of lingerie designed with a tight, form-fitting area around the midsection that serves to flatter a woman’s figure. To further emphasize this effect, it pushes up the bust and thereby enhances cleavage. Tradition dictates that a bustier should be used as an undergarment; however, quite a few pieces have beautiful designs that suggest their use for outerwear instead. Mod depictions of bustiers online have contributed much to its emergence as a very viable (and sexy) piece of outer garment nowadays.



Much like “designer bras” have become vogue, the bustier has gained popularity as an alternative to the sexy, sleeveless top. The latter has the advantage over the bra (as outerwear), because it can be worn without the need to use another layer of clothing. Sure, some of the more open-minded gals out there don bra tops (French, perhaps?). Usually, though, this getup would not pass as casual wear. A bustier, on the other hand, will be able to bring this off effortlessly.

If you’re more of the conservative type, you might still have reservations about using a bustier as a stand-alone top, brushing it off as too scandalous for casual use. However, the beauty of a bustier comes from the fact that, with a bit of imagination, you can transform this seductive piece of clothing into a cute, subtle upper garment by pairing it with other clothing pieces to create a very chic look. Below are some clothing matchups with the bustier as the focal part of the casual ensemble:

1. High-waist pants with cardigan

The pants paired with a color-matched bustier will create a sexy jumpsuit look. Cover your shoulders with a cardigan of another color or one with an interesting motif, and you have yourself an outfit that will just look perfect for day wear.

2. High-waist, pencil cut skirt

Slip into a solid-colored pencil cut in a contrasting shade to an embroidered brassier, and you get a very feminine look. A skirt in the same color with the top will give the appearance of a slinky dress. Who’s the vamp?

3. Full skirt

For a retro look, use a full skirt to go along with your bustier. Don a pair of stylish opera gloves in matching color to your top and, voila: you’re ready for an evening soiree. Can you say, “Marilyn”?

4. Long-sleeved, collarless shirt with shorts

A more laid-back (and less revealing) effect can be achieved with your bustier by wearing it over a long-sleeved top made of light material. This will give the appearance of a vest. Pair this ensemble with cutoff jeans or a pair of denim shorts, and then throw in some bangles. Very low-key, but at the same time very chic.

5. Blazer with trousers

This is a variation of the smart casual attire, where you substitute a bustier for the traditional dress shirt. The effect is almost identical, except for the fact that this variation exposes just the right amount of cleavage to tickle fancies. Subtly enticing.

6. Ballet Boots

The effect of combining a pair of ballet boots and a bustier is simply breathtaking. Both garments are designed to enhance the figure in such a glamorous way, only the most courageous among use would ever dare step outdoors in such a sexy combination.

There are a lot more combinations that can be used to make your bustier a very viable outer garment. Just remember to highlight your top to make it stand out. It will call attention to your bust area, but then the whole point of wearing a bustier is to emphasize this part. Be careful not to have your chest pop out of your bustier, though. With practice, you can wear a bustier ensemble with confidence and style.

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