A Man’s Guide to Buying Women Lingerie

Selecting a gift to give to a woman is a delicate process that should be well thought about. How many times have you given a clothing gift to a woman in your life, only to find out that the piece was too big or too small. Either way you really can’t win. Your friend, wife, or partner may assume they weigh too much or may even end up thinking you think that they do. A gift that many men wish to give the partner is lingerie; however, there are many men who are unsure on how or even afraid of the buying process.



The number one way to determining what your partner’s lingerie size is by asking them. Since the majority of lingerie being purchased is bought as a gift, it may be impossible to outright ask. The second best way to find out your partner’s size is by looking at the tags on the lingerie pieces that she already owns. Unless the tags have been cut off or faded, due to washing, a size should be present somewhere on the lingerie piece. Women often hate to part with clothing; therefore, you should try and determine if the piece you are using as a size guide is a current item that your partner may still fit into or sometimes wears.

Where To Shop For Lingerie

Shopping for lingerie can be done in three ways, online shopping, store shopping, or catalog shopping. Although online and catalog shopping may be a popular choice for many shy men, it is actually easier to march right into a department store or lingerie store. The number of men who are purchasing lingerie items for their partners is on the rise. Although you may feel embarrassed in a lingerie store or department, you will be likely to come across at least one other man shopping as well.

You should also not be afraid to ask the sales representatives for help. The majority of associates are trained and fully experienced in working with lingerie. For this reason, they may be able to offer you advice, tips, and other help that you may never have thought of. You may not even consider this, but do you know that women who feel their stomach is large may not want a form fitting piece of lingerie? Although it may feel weird to discuss your partners weakness or highpoints, it may help you to pick out the perfect piece of lingerie.

Identified Which One To Buy

Once a specific lingerie piece has been decided on, you will need to select a color. The majority of stores offering lingerie will have multiple styles or designs in a number of different colors. If your partner has a certain clothing color that she likes or regularly wears, you should consider purchasing that color. If you are unsure of a particular color, the best way to decide would be to use your imagination. Try imagining your partner in each color and make your finial decision a color that you feel bests compliments all of her features.

Making the decision to purchase your partner a lingerie gift is a big one, you should be proud of yourself for making the decision that many men are still unable to make. Although the final lingerie selection should mostly focus on your partner, it is important to remember that you will also be enjoying the gift as much as she will. Select an item or lingerie piece that will fit both of your needs and everyone will be more than satisfied.

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